John Kavanagh

John Kavanagh is an artist and teacher from Derry City in Northern Ireland. He is now based in Dublin in Ireland and displays a bold new style in painting, illustration and design. This year he is creating a following with his colourful, flowing, fairy-tale inspired work. He is a visionary artist with a spiritual and uplifting message, applying his emotions in lines and vivid colour.

From Indian to Celtic mythology my influences come through kundalini energy, spiritual language, architecture, stained glass windows, expressionist cinema and geometry. Here the flavours of creativity and spirituality melt together like dancers in flight on an otherworldly stage. Forms are seen in layers of shifting shape, light and sweeping movement.

‘I listen to the spoken and written word in poetry, foreign language and music. I hear and feel images in the everyday experience. I explore the moods around me, I sense the flavour of the world as it vibrates.

An infectious passion for creativity, John focuses on the details of a sketch, a figure’s pose, a symbol, a bridge, a stairway, a city skyline surrounded by he unseen energy in waves and geometry. Over the past few years his work has received much attention finding homes here in Ireland and abroad.

John blends a strong style with a rare translucent energy through motion and colour. There is a familiar yet new energy here. He invites us again to a nurturing and healing place, to reconnect with the dreamy world of subconscious image.

Like scenes from a novel John reveals a world in motion, he is telling us a story. These paintings, show the mechanical, energetic and the psychic in liquid motion. We will hopefully see a lot more of John Kavanagh’s layered & emotional art.

For further information check:
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Cards, prints and commissioned work is also available by contacting the artist on johnkavanaghartist@gmail.com





‘Creativity Unlimited an Integrated Group’, are four artists with intellectual disabilities employed as artists in residence at Mayfield Arts Centre. Supported by a mentoring process, the artists are trained in a wide range of skills that they can apply to their own arts practice. They also engage with local schools and provide art workshops to people from the community to promote the ability and inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Their work is exhibited in galleries, at festivals and arts events nationally and internationally.


Ailbhe Barrett

Ailbhe Barrett​ is from Cork, Ireland and is part of Cúig studio artists at Mayfield Arts Centre based in Cork city. Ailbhe has experimented with various media and materials over the years, developing her sculptures and using charcoal. Her work challenges the immediacy of mark making. Her distinctive line is unmistakably unique in its dense and honest swirls, capturing the essence of subjects.

‘Leonardo Da Vinci is my inspiration, I love sculptures and using charcoal’


Angela Burchill

Angela Burchill​ is from Cork, Ireland and is part of Cúig studio artists at Mayfield Arts Centre, Cork city. Angela has been working with layered acrylic embroidery variations and has her own unique style. She takes inspiration from films, nature, the people she meets and the sculptural works of other artists.

‘I love inks and embroidery on canvas’. A departure from her distinct works inspired by religious iconography, these new works explore the textures, patterns and colours of the Irish Landscape.

‘I am inspired by the people and places I see in my travels’.


Bríd Heffernan

Bríd Heffernan​ is from Cork, Ireland and is part of Cúig studio artists at Mayfield Arts Centre based in Cork city. Bríd has experimented with various materials working primarily with mixed media, dry point etchings and drawing with acrylic inks. She takes inspiration from the world of style and fashion in particular, incorporating elements of patterns and vivid colours into her work.


Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is from Cork, Ireland and is part of Cúig studio artists at Mayfield Arts Centre based in Cork city. Stephen works primarily in ink, his ​intense web of intricate marks layering across various surfaces. Taking inspiration from architecture, Stephen’s drawings make up abstract forms through a collection of considered surface interfaces.